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About JioBuddy

JioBuddy is an F&B Retail Digital Listing Platform value proposition that engenders the privileges of a feasting experience through sharing of the e-Voucher JioBuddy-as-A-Gift (eVJaAG) solution.

The JioBuddy business concept comes from the word "Jio" meaning "invite", making it a business of inviting your buddy to enjoy dining and drinking together.

JioBuddy is also an F&B Data Driven integrated cross orchestration marketing platform with a focus on engaging the user with unique F&B deals via e-Vouchers, namely eVJ.

We make F&B retail brands social by bringing personalisation and immediacy in retailer interaction via a service within our trusted Loyalty Rewards Application Platform - the MMspot app.

Unleash the power of a strategic business collaboration with MMspot, where JioBuddy customers also get plenty of deals on various foods and beverages so you can always save money and still get a good meal with your buddy!


At JioBuddy, we want Malaysians to spend more time with each other through the power of the feast. We want to offer our customers the best deals possible on food & beverages, so they can spend more time eating together with their family members or a buddy. Our mission is to let everyone eat more and pay less.


We envision JioBuddy expanding beyond Malaysia to become the premiere e-Voucher JioBuddy as-A-Gift online cross channel orchestration platform for food & beverage retailers for the entire South East Asian region.

Core Values

Quality Without Compromise

Just because our food & beverage offerings cost you less than usual, doesn’t mean you should be getting less. We’re food lovers too and what we want for ourselves is what you’ll also get.

Honesty at Our Expense

Our customers, our merchants, and even those working at JioBuddy are expected to treat everyone with honesty.We ensure you that JioBuddy is a platform that you can trust.

Satisfy the Customer

JioBuddy appreciates customers who support our business and our ideals. We will work hard to exceed our customer's expectations on what they can get from us.

Respect the Merchant

Our merchants are our allies. We treat them fairly and with honesty. We want them to succeed as well and we only expect the same value in return.

What is eVJ?

eVJ is what we call our Cash e-Vouchers for JioBuddy. It is a voucher owned by JioBuddy that you can top-up with cash to purchase Food & Beverage Cash e-Vouchers (FCV) from thousands of merchants listed on JioBuddy. You can use the FCV to purchase the food and beverages you want with great deals.